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Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More

Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More - Kelly Sue DeConnick, David López

Carol Danvers is pretty amazing, I'm not going to lie. She's a badass, female superhero who isn't really overtly sexual but kicks ass just the same. Carol loves her cat, as you should, and she isn't afraid to kick ass and take names.

The story to me, seems kind of weak. Maybe it's because I'm coming in in the middle of her saga in a way, she isn't a new character, she isn't one that was JUST introduced, but the story was just marginal for me. I found myself engrossed way more in Ms. Marvel than this one, even with the entry of Guardians of the Galaxy for part of it.

The art was beautiful and wonderful, the story on the other hand just didn't really interest me. The plot revolved around a group of people that were essentially given a planet that's killing them. They refuse to move because they've been uprooted so many times, but there's obviously something more sinister going on. All in all, this totally seems like something that I would be all over, and I will probably read the next graphic novel, but it didn't resonate with me like some other comics have. I enjoy Carol, and I'm excited to see her in future Marvel films, and I enjoy her character in the Alias comics. I'm excited to see more.