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Eleanor & Park

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I don't know why this book didn't resonate with me. I made it about halfway through, and found that I didn't really..care where both characters ended up. I wasn't overly attached to them, and that actually disappointed me, as I loved Attachments and Fangirl. This didn't feel original to me, it didn't feel like something that I hadn't read before. When Park tells Eleanor he loves her it felt really sudden and insincere, but this is also coming from the person who despises the idea of Romeo and Juliet as romantic. Maybe some day I can come back to this, but for the time being, I'm going to chalk it up as something I just..didn't get the hype about. Rowell is a fantastic writer, and I still need to read Landline and I'm excited for Carry On, but this just didn't have the magic I found in her other books.