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The Chance You Won't Return

The Chance You Won't Return - Annie Cardi I'd been eagerly anticipating this book for awhile, and recommended it multiple times to my book club but it wasn't ever picked, so I just decided to read it. And I'm so thrilled I did. I saw various reviews of either five stars or not very many and I tend to be the person who doesn't like the book when it's like that, but I LOVED this book. (Holy run on sentence). I found that how Alex was trying to find normalcy was something teens would totally do, and there were so many just beautiful quotes throughout this book that really moved me. I think it's really poignant to see a girl who really doesn't know how to deal with her mother's mental health, and a family who doesn't know how to get through to her. It was utterly beautiful, and one I will recommend highly to so many others. Really, it was sad but beautiful, and will stay with me for a long time. The only reason this isn't 5 stars is because while I wasn't sure what I was expecting from the ending, and it wasn't a TERRIBLE ending, it also didn't seem fulfilling to me?