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Boneseeker - Brynn Chapman Okay, so I only got through 10% of this book, so maybe that's not enough to really give it a chance, but I have so many books on my to read list, that I'd rather read something that from the beginning I just can't stop, than trudge through. Normally I try to get to about page 69 or wherever that would be in the ebook equivalent, but this one, I just really couldn't. AND IT'S SUCH A SHAME because the idea of Sherlock Holmes's daughter and John Watson's son coming together and looking at NEPHLUM BONES was really freaking exciting, because the nephlum really really interest me, but I really just couldn't with this book. In the beginning I felt like it never really hooked me, it's a lot of Watson's son lusting after Sherlock's daughter, and kind of fanficy writing. I've also been sort of reading "The History of Love" at home on my Kindle, and compared to some of the beautiful writing in that, this one really fell flat for me. This super disappoints me. Amazing idea, not so amazing execution.